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Project 3.6.5.- Hip Dysplasia…again

From my Samsung Vibrant:  In the waiting room at Riverton Primary Children’s. She got an x-ray to check for hip dysplasia. I can’t believe how fast they were here! Here’s hoping for a normal result! We should have the results by Wednesday. Here’s hoping it doesn’t need treatment. Virginia had a similar issue but didn’t […]

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No Brace!

Virginia saw the orthopedic doctor yesterday and he was able to reassure me that she does not need to wear a brace. Apparently the x-ray was misread and it is actually the right hip that is a bit shallow not the left which is the clicky hip. The clicky hip actually looks better than it […]

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I am not crazy!

Some of you may remember me posting about a click in Virginia’s hip a couple of months ago. She was screened via ultrasound and her hips were deemed normal. I was really surprised because we have a strong family history of mild hip dysplasia and I thought for sure that V had inherited the problem […]

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