Monthly Archives: March 2005

I got that ultrasound

And it was a big dissapointment! No twins! LOL But I did get to see a very healthy, beautiful baby in there! Here’s a couple of snapshots. Profile Face They couldn’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl. What’s your guess? comments can be sent to modernmother @

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Wierd dreams

I’m getting so tired of all of the dreams. I swear I have 5 different dreams a night! Last week I dreamed I was having twins and then triplets and then two nights ago I had a dream that seemed so real. I had a dream that I was cramping and bleeding. I kept thinking […]

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Had my first visit with the midwife…

It was nice. She listened to all my birth stories, and we talked about what I want for this birth. The main issue for me is control. If I don’t feel manipulated or patronized I will have a positive birthing experience. She didn’t seem to think that my uterus is as big as I think […]

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