Monthly Archives: March 2006

2006 TJEd Forum and Family ball

The fourth annual TJEd forum was a smashing success! We packed the Marriott Hotel grand ballroom and the classes were absolutely fantastic. The family ball was absolutely fabulous. I made a video of my kids enjoying themselves at the ball. You are welcome to take a peek at it. 2006 TJEd Family Ball

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Gimme Five!

Today for the very first time I asked Finn to “gimme five” and he did it! He also got his second tooth today. I can’t get over how fast they grow up. It makes me sooo sad that my baby is almost halfway through his first year. I love babies so much!!!

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A Tooth! and RSV again

Can you believe it? Yesterday amidst the little guy having RSV and double ear infections again he popped his first tooth! The poor boy is still smiley even though he’s miserable. He can only make a squeaky sound because he’s lost his voice. It’s so cute! But it makes me feel so bad for him. […]

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