Monthly Archives: September 2007

Happy Birthday Sully and Finn and yay Chinese Dragon

Today is my little Finnster’s birthday! I can hardly believe it has been 2 years since my amazing homebirth! Finneas is as cute and charming as ever. He’s into everything and if he wasn’t so darn cute I’d probably be more mad at him. He speaks in full sentences and is is very sweet and […]

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Big News!

Well, after only two months of trying we are so excited to announce that we are expecting baby number six. I’m six weeks along and feeling pretty awful. LOL but loving it too! DH doesn’t seem as happy about it as I am. I think he thought it would take longer to get pregnant, or […]

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Thank you for the votes!

I was just notified today that Oliver won the contest for the Wynona Robison Model shoot! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the votes. He’s pretty happy about it. Rani on the other hand shed a few tears, but hey that’s the way it goes sometimes. The girl who won is […]

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