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First Day of School

Can you believe I am sending my oldest three to school? Neither can I! Here is a post I wrote on Crazibeautiful about it To School or Not to School The school is only part time. It’s a great middle ground for us. So far they are really happy there. The school is called Benjamin […]

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First Day of Dance 2009

I should have posted this a while ago. On August 27th, Rani, Ollie and Finn started dancing again at Starz Unlimited. Finn is doing only clogging this year and Rani and Ollie are doing both clogging and ballet. Poor little Virginia wanted to dance so bad! She sat outside the door crying and if anyone […]

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2009 Knights of Freedom Summit

This was our fifth year putting on a summit for the boys in the Knights of Freedom groups throughout the Salt Lake Valley. We had 131 boys participate this year and in the final battle they were fighting about 70 villains. It was amazing how huge it was. Emily is has spearheaded the event for […]

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