Day Two=No Fun

Day two on the no screens experiment didn’t go as swimmingly as the first. I had to endure a lot more complaining from my 4yo and I found out that the two older boys had stayed up watching
TV the night before. I missed American Idol and I had to find out that they almost sent Michael home! I mean, Michael, are you kidding me??? Thank goodness the wise judges used their save. I am dying to know what happened on LOST. There are only 5 episodes left of the entire SERIES and yes I have seen every single episode! And now I don’t get to find out how it ends??? sigh I just want to watch a little bit of TV but I know if I turn it on, the kids will also.

I did end up letting the 4yo have 30 minutes on the computer last night. The truly amazing thing was that when the time was up I looked up to tell him and he was already gone. He said he thought his time was probably up. wierd.

Another odd consequence is my oldest child blaming Lara, the Lazy Organizer for ruining his life. He has gone as far as turning off the modem when he sees me reading her blog. He and the other kids tell me 10 times a day “we are not becoming vegan Mom!” I never said we were becoming vegan, but I guess they are relating the no screens thing to Lara because she hasn’t watched TV in like 11 years and thinks it’s the biggest waste of time. What they don’t realize is that I have wanted to do this for a really long time. Lara has just been the one to give me the motivation to try it. Lara, if you are reading this I’m sorry my kids are blaming you! It’s totally not your fault. I admire you so much and I am learning so much by reading your blog. Thank you for writing it!

Dinner time was an adventure. Dave finished painting one of my bedroom walls (yes my room has been halfway painted since August) and didn’t get started on dinner until 8:30. I didn’t want to complain because he hates it when we bug him about dinner but I was starving so I finally did. He made spaghetti and it was really good. But there was no room around the table for Dave and I this time. I have no idea how we squished in yesterday. So instead of heading to my room to watch my precious TV and eat my dinner I sat on a chair by the wall and proceded to eat my spaghetti in my lap. I wasn’t too happy about this predicament and so when Rani turned and saw me and said with a smile “at least Mom is in here!” I just got mad mad mad. Rani just has a way of saying things that make me feel two inches tall. She means well…I know she does. But she always makes me feel like the queen of the crappy moms. When she is saying yay mom has joined us I hear “it’s about time mom. It’s been like what…3 years since you’ve eaten dinner with the family? sheesh!”

After dinner we did read two more chapters of the Magician’s Nephew, so that was good. Everyone seems to like that.

This morning Finn started up again and since he had finished his chores already he started in on me about the computer. I told him he could have his 30 minutes now or later. He chose now. 15 minutes later he turned off the computer. I asked him if he was done and he said “yeah, it was boring.” I was just beginning to enjoy the taste of victory when he came in begging to play the Wii. AAAHHHHHH he argued to the point that I had to put him in time out because he just wouldn’t stop.

Can I just say that trying to be the world’s best mom overnight when you are pregnant just plain sucks rocks. I don’t want to be anybody’s mom today. I just want to curl up in my bed, close my door and watch TV!

I did get a few things done yesterday. I organized a shelf in my laundry room and washed all the previously clean laundry that was all over the floor of the laundry room. I went to walmart and bought a peg rack for coats since I’m not as skilled as Lara that I could make my own. I also bought a curtain rod for my bedroom, new kitchen curtains and a couple of plastic bins to put Rani’s outgrown clothes in for when I start on her closet. Once I get the coats out of the coat closet I hope to have room for our school supplies to go in there instead of the various places they are located around the house at the moment. Of course then I will have to wash and sort the coats and take some to the DI. Yes I should be doing all of this now since I have to leave in 2 hours to take the kids to dance and I haven’t even showered yet. sigh I don’t think day 3 is going to be any better than day 2.

April 8, 2010 - 3:09 pm vanessa shannon - More power to you! I would NEVER in a million years give up my T.V. or my computer EVER. It is the one piece of sanity that I get to enjoy when I have the time to do it. I know that I will probably be the only mom to make a comment like this and I definitely will not win Mother of the Year for it but WHO CARES!!! Limits are great but all out boycotts suck and I hope you survive it....I really do. Good for you for trying, LOL, but I still have to ask WHY!?!? Love ya :)

April 8, 2010 - 10:49 pm Lisa R - I love that you are doing this! I also have tried something similar in the past. It didn't last though. We fell back. The good thing though is, we don't have cable anymore so that has cut down alot. Because we did it for a time, I think my kids got use to not really having screen time. Now it is limited. Although just because we don't have cable doesn't mean our DVD player doesn't work! LOL Some nights, we all just want to veg. We still really think through what we watch though and how much. The problem is that after I get the kids to bed I want to watch all my shows on HULU and go online to check my blogs and facebook. It is my therapy. For us and me, I think it is about balance. I would like us to do even less and thank you for helping me decide to cut back alittle more. It is easier now that the weather is much nicer too, have our garden to do etc. We will just be away from the screens more. We did something like this as a ward. It was great. For a whole week we didn't use the computer and tv and greatly limited phone use. If someone had to use those things for work that was just figured into that. It was just to help us be more focused on the family and to learn and try new things etc. It was great! Not that we don't spend alot of time together already but we played more games together, wrote more letters, made more crafts, cooked together etc. It was great. I want to get back to it being more like that but with small amounts of screens. I wish you the best and support you on your journey! Hang in there!! :-)

April 10, 2010 - 11:53 am Tamra - Why? hmmm I am not sure why really. I guess the main reason is that my children are spending all, and I do mean all, of their free time in front of a screen. I myself was watching 6-8 hours of television a day! I guess I wanted to start from scratch...start with none and bring it back in only at a much decreased level.

April 11, 2010 - 9:02 pm The Lazy Organizer - That is hilarious! Every time my children hear me talking to someone they say, "We feel so sorry for her kids!" But then when they meet someone with brats or a messy house they say, "Mom, you really need to teach her how to parent," or, "Mom, maybe if I went and lived with them for a while I could teach them how to clean their house." They make me laugh. Changes are hard but they learn to love them as much as I do because they see the good that comes from it. Congratulations on ditching the screens! That is a really big step. And you're right. TV is the BIGGEST waste of time! But it's so addicting that I couldn't even control myself. I had to get rid of it completely and it was one of the best things we're ever done. It's sounds like your husband would be happy to live without it. They are usually the ones fighting to keep the TV when the moms want to get rid of it so you're lucky! Anyway, tell your children I'm sorry I ruined their lives, but not really, and yes, they are going to start eating vegan. Not today but maybe next year. You're doing the green smoothies right?

April 11, 2010 - 10:15 pm Tamra - Well, we haven't ditched them completely and I am not sure that we will. My husband had a bit of a nervous breakdown today. LOL I am the one who is having the hardest time with it though. I hope you aren't offended that I posted about them feeling upset toward your blog. I guess it's easier for them to blame the blog over actually admitting that their mom is the one making the choices. My kids are really great kids. No our house isn't super organized and we definitely have too much screen time but they are wonderful polite kids most of the time and they do most of the housework. The only job I still do is the laundry and they occasionally do that too. They work hard every day and I am so proud of the people they are becoming. It's me that really needs to change. Oh and I highly doubt we will ever eat vegan. DH is a BBQ chef so that's not very likely. I haven't started the smoothies yet. I didn't have a blender. I have one now so hopefully I can start this week.

April 14, 2010 - 9:18 pm Julia - Yay! It's so fun to read these entries Tamra :) I know it's hard right now but your doing awesome, you really are. Were reading The Magicians Nephew too - LOVE the Narnia series! I also think your smart to have a detox period and then start fresh with new rules. I've done this w/ several things in our family (all screens, friend time & so on) and it's always worked out well & we've all been happier for it in the end. By no means was it easy though - but SO SO worth it! I agree with you in that it's about finding the balance - the pendulum is never happy when it's too far on either side. I love my computer time as well & will never fully give it up - like others have said it's sorta therapeutic & it reminds me that adults DO exist when Iv'e spent half a week w/ only kids lol Still if I'm not careful my brain gets lazy b/c I've been on it to much, I HATE that feeling. I had to kinda giggle at the whole Ronie thing at the kitchen table. Kids have a beautiful way of relaying the truth at face value and when their young it is w/out malace - I think that is why I always feel tall as dirt whenever one of mine does that & I know I deserve it most times - I SO relate lol *hugs* Love you friend!

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