TV Day

I apologize for the profuseness of my blogging lately.  Usually I feel as if I don’t have much to say but lately I keep blogging in my head all day.  Thank you for reading if you choose to but please don’t feel obligated.

I wanted to update on the screen issues.  We did end up having four relatively screen free days.  If they really seemed to need a bit I let them have a half hour at one screen and that was all.  I myself didn’t watch any TV but I did continue to use my computer a bit.  I had a bit of a nervous breakdown on Friday.  The ongoing effort really started getting to me and I had a bit of a freak-out session on Friday.  I cried a lot and couldn’t seem to get anything done.  I did take Sullivan to piano lessons but other than that I didn’t do a darn thing except some laundry.  I think the problem lies in not getting any time to myself.  Without the screens my kids just won’t leave me alone.  They talk to me constantly, want me to read to them (fun but I don’t want to read for hours and hours), and I just can’t get a break.  Screens were my break time. Not only can I escape from their requesting and needing because they are distracted but I also can escape from reality by becoming someone else for a time.  It is refreshing to me and it makes it so that I can keep going.  I am definitely not a Type A person and I have never been organized.  I have always been OK with that. But it’s actually a lot of work being that way. If I were more organized the housekeeping wouldn’t take up so much of our day. As it is, it takes up a lot of my kids’ time because it’s harder to do it than it would be if we were more organized. This is my main reason for wanting to do it. But I don’t forsee myself becoming the kind of person who is so organized that the house is clean most of the time. 

Saturday we had a TV binge day. I am looking at it like a diet. If the kids know there will be TV available on Saturdays I think they will be more willing to spend the week without it.  I was able to catch up on a lot of my shows but there are still a few left on my DVR. Obviously I won’t be able to watch every single one of them if Saturday is the only time. Not if I want to do anything else on Saturday. So I am going to have to decide which are the most important.  By the summer I hope to be ready to get rid of cable.  I don’t know if we will ever be able to go completely TV free.  Kudos to those that do. I just can’t keep going 24/7 without sometime getting a break, especially while I’m pregnant. I’m afraid I’ll go off the deep end again and I can’t risk that.

April 14, 2010 - 9:21 pm Julia - ((hugs)) Sorry you had such a rough day - I think it's to be expected when your going cold turkey like ya are. I love to clean & organize myself - I should come over & do some of it with you! Would be fun :) Sounds like your finding a pattern though - that is good!

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