Third Trimester Blues and Sunday Jitters

Well, folks, today is the day. The Third trimester has begun.  I knew it was coming this week because I all of a sudden felt like I was carrying around a bowling ball between my legs and last night when I rolled over I felt like I was being stabbed by daggers in the stomach. My round ligaments are really starting to act up now. I can’t believe the sciatica hasn’t started yet…knock on wood. I’m sure it’s just around the corner.  Usually the last 3 months are extremely painful for me and then usually 3-4 months after the baby is born.  If I didn’t adore babies so much I just wouldn’t get pregnant. But then I start thinking about the babies again and I forget about the pain. ha ha ha

I had my midwife appointment on Friday and it went very well.  I can’t say how nice it is to have the midwife come to my home for the visits.  Having her listen with the doppler while I’m laying on my own bed with all my littles around to get excited is just too wonderful for words.  My blood pressure is still good, Lulu’s heart rate is still in the 130’s and I am measuring 6 cms ahead which is 2cms smaller than I measured at this time with Virginia.  That’s great because Virginia was much smaller than my last two boys and I really hope that Lulu is too.

I was so nervous today. I had nightmares all night long about being late to church. Today we were doing the Easter program at church and I sing in the choir.  I needed to be at the church with all six children in tow by 10:15 for a 45 minute practice before the start of church. Also Xander(14) had been assigned to speak in church and when he showed me his talk he only had 6 bullet points typed out. That’s how he likes to do things. It’s probably my fault because that’s how I helped him do his primary talks but when it’s in front of the entire congregation I get sooo nervous.  He didn’t seem nervous at all. Ah, I wish I had a bit of his courage.

Shockingly everyone got up and had breakfast without too much trouble.  Finneas threw his normal “I’m not going!” fit that he throws every time we go anywhere, but in the end he decided to join us. We got ready so fast that we even had time to do a quick photo shoot of everyone in their Easter outfits.  We made it to the practice early and my nerves just got worse.  I don’t know what I was worried about because the choir sounded beautiful and of course, Xander did a fabulous job on his talk. He decided to speak on his favorite subject of late, listening to the everyday promptings of life and then following through on them. You could tell he was speaking off the cuff and also that was comfortable.  He got so many “good jobs” from everyone that it was almost disconcerting to him. He said people even stopped on the street on the way home to congratulate him on a job well done.  He admitted later that he felt he could have done better, but all-in-all I think he was proud of himself and I was so proud of him!

April 14, 2010 - 9:26 pm Julia - Happy 3rd Trimester! I really outta come & work on ya - I have my table out of storage n' everything. Still owe Emily a massage too. I'm so glad everything went so well at church for you guys! (are you sick of all my commenting yet? LOL)

April 16, 2010 - 9:06 pm Brandi - Such cute pics as always! You're in your 3rd trimester already? Oh my! Where has the time gone? lol

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