No TV Update

It has now been exactly 20 days since we took away the TV on the week days. No one even asks. If they do and they are insistant I allow them 30 minutes. It’s amazing how picky they can be when they know they are only allowed one show. That is their entire screen time for the day. Most choose 30 minutes on the computer instead. No one has asked to play the Wii. Maybe they forgot we have two of them. shrug. We watch TV on Saturdays but I’m the only one that watches it for hours and hours. This past Saturday it started feeling like a chore catching up on my shows. We are also watching TV on Sunday but not until after 7pm. That’s when Dave and I watch our shows that we both love.

Has our home been a haven of peace without the TV? Hardly! Actually there has been so much fighting I think I have come close to going insane. I guess they just aren’t as used to being in each other’s space as much. Our house is relatively small for as many children we have and I used screens to gain peace a lot. Thank goodness for the good weather because there has been a lot more bike riding, playing outside and trampoline games. Though they have now busted out 3 springs on the trampoline. I think it’s on its way out.

Have I become super duper organized and have a clean house? Nope. I find I retreat to my room still and read a book instead of TV.  All that needs to be done is just so overwhelming! I started two or three projects and have yet to finish one. We have soooooo much laundry. I have given a lot of it away but there is always more to do.  I think I will have to do 6-8 loads a day this week and even with that I worry I won’t ever catch up.  The kids do their jobs every day so the house stays somewhat liveable, but the rest of the day they spend making it messy. Dishes get left everywhere even though I’m constantly asking them to stay in the kitchen. We don’t have set times for meals because we don’t all fit in the kitchen at the same time.  I am still trying to figure out what to do about this. We still talk about moving on a daily basis. The layout of this home just doesn’t work for us. But that would require selling this home which feels next to impossible. With the market as slow as it is, our house would have to look like a showroom to sell for the price we need it to. In the mean time we are paying off our mortgage as fast as we can which makes the amount we need to sell it for easier to attain. We paid off $8,000 since we were looking at selling last year. There’s hope! But we just don’t know about selling and then going into even more debt. What to do…what to do.

April 28, 2010 - 9:08 am Anne - Now just so you know, I'm not judging at all, just wanted to give you an idea of what helped us. Recently we moved from a small house in New Hampshire where the TV was in our main sitting room. We watched TV ALL THE TIME!!! I swear, during the winter we'd watch maybe 10-12 hours a day. Oh my goodness, way to much TV. But then when we moved back to Washington State, our TV room is in the back of the house, it's small and I keep the doors closed at all times, and there are no toys in there. Oh and we don't have cable anymore. In order to get it we'd have to run the line 3000 feet up to our house from the main road. Yikes, that's not free installation is it! Anyway we do get over the air television, there's nothing appropriate that we get on TV for my daughter, but there's still a lot that we can watch, but generally I watch it Monday nights and maybe Sunday nights, but that's it. It's just not fun anymore now that we don't see it all the time and now that I have room to do the other stuff I love to do! I've been making clothes! YEAH! My point? Move the one TV to a TV only room. Of course the rest of your entry states that your house is to small so that may not be possible. But perhaps for the next grand house? Good luck!

April 28, 2010 - 11:19 am Tamra - Thank you Anne! It's a wonderful suggestion! I sooo wish I had any place to put the TV. Right now we have one in the kitchen, one in the basement and one in my room. We definitely need to get rid of the one in the kitchen. We have no extra places where the TV can go on its own because the basement isn't finished.

May 10, 2010 - 7:17 pm Tamera Bach - Just wanted to let you know of a website you can watch tv shows on I like. It is I watched tons of tv when I was at the end of all my pregnancies. I am a homeschooling mom in West JOrdan. Good luck with your last few weeks!!

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