It’s Dance Recital Time!

This year’s Starz Unlimited dance recital is just a month away! The kids have been working hard all year in their classes. Rani has been taking ballet and clogging and Oliver and Finneas have been taking clogging.  This year the ballet classes are doing Alice in Wonderland and Rani is a flower.  For clogging, Rani and Ollie are in the same class and will be doing a futuristic style dance to “The Year 3000”. Finneas gets to wear such a fun costume! His class is dancing to the Dragon Tales Theme Song. 

Finneas and Oliver don’t love dance anymore. Both of them say that they won’t be continuing on next year. That’s really too bad, but I’m not going to force them to dance if they don’t want to. If they quit it will leave Rani room to persue it further and try out for a clogging team. She will also add Jazz ballet to her list of classes. I’m excited that she will have the opportunity to work a bit harder in dance and really improve her skills.


May 18, 2010 - 1:34 pm Brandi - What a bunch of cuties!

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