Catching Up- Again!

I simply cannot believe what has gone on around here in the last two months.  We have had hospital visits, surgeries and of course a birth of a new daughter. I think the simplest way to do an update on everyone is to give an update on each child separately.

Xander- Now age 14, Xander has become quite the teenager. His June was packed with youth activities like Youth For Freedom, Simulations Week, youth conference and a Pioneer Trek. Since then has spent the rest of the summer sleeping. I am not sure what to think of the phenomenon. I am surprised he hasn’t spent more time hanging out with his friends but I’m glad he isn’t getting into any trouble. I wonder if he’s just going through a major growth spurt. Every day he seems taller and I think he may definitely overtake me soon. He has great need of braces and he’s trying to avoid it. I hate to make him get braces just as he’s starting High School, especially since most of his classes require eloquent speech ability, but he really needs to get them done.

Sullivan- Sully is now almost 12 years old. He has been spending the summer playing video games and watching TV. Ever since I had the baby I just can’t enforce the “no screens” rule and that’s what they have all been doing. He hasn’t even been practicing his piano. 🙁 I feel frustrated but I don’t know what to do other than try to get the whole household back on track.

Ahrana- Rani just turned 9 years old and we celebrated our 6th gotcha day together painting her feet red and telling her adoption story. I started to wonder when she will get too old for our little tradition and what we will do when she does. She is still an extremely helpful and responsible child. She has spent the summer helping me, getting her chores done exceptionally fast and playing at the homes of her many friends. She is a wonderful child and a joy to me. I am so grateful that we have her in our home. She is looking forward to a big year filled with learning. She is on fire to learn. The kids had their clogging and ballet recital in early June and Rani was amazing! She also tried out for a clogging team this year and we are waiting to find out if she made it!

Oliver- Oliver turned 8 at the end of May and he was baptised in early June. We are so proud of him for choosing baptism! Since then Ollie has spent the summer playing with friends and riding bikes around the neighborhood. Other than one late night jaunt on his bike (after 10pm) without asking and burning a plastic cup with a propane torch, he has pretty much kept out of trouble. He is my most accident prone child and the one most likely to get into trouble, so I guess if that’s all that’s happened he’s doing OK. It’s frustrating how difficult it is to keep the kids doing what they should be doing when you spend so much time nursing a baby. I am looking forward to moving into a more structured schedule for everyone over the next month or so. He adores the new baby and asks to hold her quite a bit.

Finneas- Poor little Finn has had a rough go of things. Mid June Finn’s stomach aches turned to major surgery when it was discovered that he had appendicitis. I was 38 weeks pregnant at the time and it was really difficult. David was out of town with the four older kids in Wyoming for a pioneer handcart trek. He finally got back in town about 12 hours after the surgery. It was an extremely painful ordeal and due to his stomach aches continuing still at 6 weeks post surgery I decided to have him see a chiropractor to see if there is an underlying cause to his problems. We discovered that his lower back is indeed extremely subluxated and his spine has curved quite a bit to compensate. I am really hoping that the chiropractic adjustments will improve his stomach issues. I feel so bad that I didn’t discover the problems sooner before it led to surgery. I really hope his attitude will improve as well.

Virginia spent time in the hospital as well. About two weeks after her birthday she came down with some serious hip pain. After doing every test under the sun including a sedated MRI, it was determined that it was just a flare up of her immune system. IMO it was a reaction to the MMR vaccine since she had received it 12 days prior and had had a strange fever a couple of days before. She improved right away on Motrin and it hasn’t been an issue for her since.  She did wonderfully until the baby arrived. Since then she has become a whirlwind of destruction and she loves the baby too much, almost to the point of hurting her. I have to admit that I have had a hard time keeping up with her. It’s so frustrating. Before the baby came we used to cuddle for hours, now I can’t even get her to lay still for a second. The baby makes her too excited. Now four weeks later she is getting better but she is still getting into as much trouble as a toddler can get into.

As far as Dave and I are concerned. We have been through the ringer. I will write separately about the new baby and include some photos of her. She is wonderful.  My garden finally started to grow and I am looking forward to eating tomatoes, squash, peppers and corn soon. David put money down on a BBQ competition that will take place in September. It will be his first competition and we are all excited for him.

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