Two Months

Little Eloise is already 2 months old! At her 2 month appointment she was 11lbs 15oz and 23 inches long. Her head circumference measured 38cms. She is a chubby little elf and I adore her! She is impatient only when she’s tired and she has quite the voice on her. Virginia’s cry was always so meek. Lulu’s cry can wake the neighbors! LOL She is already trying to mimic speech and she often “sings” along when I sing to her. Today I saw her singing with Virginia and it was so sweet! Virginia is quite the little singer and has been able to carry a tune since she was 22 months old. I am looking forward to listen to my girls perform as a trio in the future.

Lulu is already trying to roll over. I’m excited to see her interacting more. She smiles all the time now and I am really enjoying her sweetness. Her arm is healing well and over the last week she has finally started raising it over her head!

Eloise was blessed on August 22nd. She looked stunning  in an heirloom dress that my mother made for her. It was made with the bodice and lace from my own blessing dress combined with white dupioni silk and tiny pink rosettes.  It was a wonderful day for all of us. Her blessing was beautiful and we enjoyed being surrounded by our family and friends to celebrate.

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