WORDS- a few words about 2011

My goodness it has been a crazy wonderful year! When I decided to do a photo 3.6.5. last year I had no idea how difficult it might be. It was very hard to remember to keep the camera handy every day and it was even harder to keep the photos updated on my blog. I don’t think I’ll be doing another project like this for a while. I hated that I didn’t write many words all year. So I just thought it might be fun to do a quick recap of all the adventures we’ve had this year.

January- Most of January was spent madly taking pictures of my sister and her fiancee. They got engaged on Christmas Eve and the big day was January 28th! It was crazy just getting the pictures done in time, let alone all the wedding planning. But everything turned out wonderful and I photographed the big day for her. I was very self concious because my weight, after having Lulu, had gotten seriously out of control. At the end of 2010 I weighed in at an incredibly embarrassing 334lbs. I started saying personal positive affirmations every morning.

Also after Lulu’s 6 month check up it became apparent that she had stopped growing, just like Virginia did. This time I had to admit that it was my milk that was the culprit. It’s so sad for me because before my girls I never had any problems breastfeeding. I didn’t want to give her any formula so I put out a PSA on facebook asking if anyone had any breastmilk that they could donate and I ended up with thousands of ounces! I was so grateful that so many women were able to help. I also started a gluten free, sugar free, dairy free diet to try and kill the thrush/yeast that we were struggling with because someone mentioned to me that yeast can inhibit milk supply. I lost 14 lbs the first week on the diet.

February- Xander turned 15! Oliver earned his wolf badge and recieved it at the Blue & Gold banquet. Oliver put Eloise, 7 months, on the kitchen table from which she fell and cracked her skull. It was scary but luckily she healed fine with no problems. I lost 12 more lbs in February on the yeast cleanse diet. It didn’t help that much with my milk supply but I loved the weight loss so I kept going with it.

March- Went to the Thomas Jefferson Education Family Ball by TJEd Marketplace. Rani competed on a clogging team at the Kickoff Classic and the Dixie Spectacular. Dave and I got the bug to move again and we started fixing up the house.  I lost 8 lbs in march.

April- Eloise stood up for the first time. Oliver took 2nd place in the pinewood derby. Easter was beautiful! Xander got the part of Mr. Gribsby in the school play, The Importance of Being Earnest. I lost 5 lbs in April, still on the yeast cleanse diet.

May- Eloise took her first steps at 10 months old! The earliest of all of my seven children. Virginia turned 3 and had an Alice in Wonderland birthday party! She was beautiful! Xander performed in the Importance of Being Earnest and he was so good! Oliver turned 9. I lost 5 lbs.

June- Moved in with Dave’s mom so that we can get our house on the market. Kids had their dance recital. I lost 5lbs!

July- Dave and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. Eloise turned ONE! Lost our dog and found her at the animal shelter. Sully played “I’m a Believer” with a band for his piano recital and then two weeks later started taking piano from a new teacher. Eloise got her ears pierced. Rani turned 10! We worked on the house a lot and spent a lot of time at Lagoon. I lost 5 lbs

August- Got my pictures on the cover of the movie Stand Strong. Started a protein shake diet with hubby. Virginia started pre-school. Xander started his Sophomore year. Lost 9lbs in August.

September- Sullivan turned 13 and Finneas turned 6. We worked on the house. A LOT. I lost 8lbs.

October- The kids got pink eye. Photographed the cutest baby photo contest for the Spookapalooza. Our HOUSE WENT ON THE MARKET! I lost 10 lbs! We did a camelot theme for Halloween and I never got any pictures. 🙁

November- Got my hair cut super short. I did a LOT of family photo sessions and two weddings. Xander performed as Asher in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and he was AMAZING! Rani took firsts in all her solos at her first clogging competition of the season. I turned 37. I lost 3 lbs.

December- I went rollerskating with Rani. The kids performed in the Nutcracker. Rani was a Bon Bon and Ollie was a Big Mouse. I took Xander, Rani and Ollie to the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert. I photographed several families and one wedding. We still continue to live with my MIL and hope to sell our home soon. We have had over 60 showings and it has been so depressing. I am excited for this new year and can’t wait to see what will happen!

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