Can’t believe we are still homeless!

Well, six more weeks have gone by and we still do not have a home. It is an uncomfortable place to be. We have been attending our home ward for so long, but over the last six weeks I am feeling more and more like we don’t belong there. We are thinking of moving our records here to my Mother-in-laws ward, but it will be for such a short time, I just don’t know if I want to do that. It’s really a disconcerting feeling and more and more I find myself relying on the Lord to give me patience and putting our new home into his hands because it’s impossible to have any control over it.

We did put an offer on a house in South Jordan. It’s a short sale and we are the presenting offer. It’s on the high end of our price range and needs some work but it is big enough and the best part is that it’s on over an acre of land! Here’s the house. It’s not super pretty but it has potential.

Our offer went in March 13th and on Monday we got word that the bank had already looked at it but that the owners had never cleared the bankruptcy on it! We are hoping they take care of that fast. For a short sale, to get the paperwork seen in a month is a miracle! We are hoping we will know for sure by the end of April. In the meantime we are still looking around and viewing homes that might work.

And just for fun. Here’s my sweet little Eloise from her latest model shoot for Un Petite Chou

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