An Exercise in Patience

Well, it’s the end of September. Yes. The end of September. Do we have a house yet? Alas no. sigh. We have travelled the Road of Patience many times in our lives. Each pregnancy has tested our patience. Adopting Rani was a huge trial of patience. This buying a home situation has been one of the greatest trials of our faith and patience that we have ever experienced.

To quickly update the situation, on July 31st the bank came back wanting $345,000 for the Angus house. That’s 50k more than we offered! I cried when we got that news. It was not good news at all. But we discovered that we could actually qualify and it would only be $200 more a month. So we countered at $322,500. Sadly the bank would not budge and we decided to suck it up and accept their ridiculous request. That was August 4th when we accepted. Yes. August 4th. Why do we still not have a house, you ask? Well that is because it has been over 7 weeks and we have yet to recieve a contract from the bank! We were told it would take 3-4 weeks to get our contract and at this point it has been twice that. We have waited and waited and waited until we just can’t wait anymore. The bank we are dealing with is Bank of America and every week all they do is ask for more paperwork that they have been given two and three times already. There is no end in sight and with the high price we can’t even afford to upgrade the house AT ALL. It’s extremely frustrating.

So last Friday the 21st we went to see a fixer upper in Bluffdale. It’s a lot smaller than when we were looking for. Only 3200 sf, but it had almost everything else we were looking for and it was extremely charming on the outside! It’s a darling victorian with a wrap around porch and a turret. That combined with a huge cold storage made the place very appealing despite the small size. So on Saturday the 22nd we took the kids to look at it and we all voted to make an offer! We did make and offer and verbally they countered back at the same number minus them paying closing. So we added closing to our offer and submitted an addendum to our offer on Tuesday the 25th. On Friday we heard from the agent that the seller was having a hard time signing the contract. She’s just worried about making a bad decision. Oh how I wish I could hug her and tell her how much we are going to love and care for her beautiful home. How happy our children will be there. how they will grow up and have kids and our grandkids will enjoy it! Oh how I wish we could tell her how much it would mean to our family to have a home again. But alas I can’t and again my patience is being tested as I wait and pray for her to have peace about this offer. We can’t wait to be moving to the next step! Moving and rennovating! Please pray with me for this sweet seller! Thank you! Here’s the link to the listing. Bluffdale Victorian

On the family front. July 31st, our sweet Ahrana turned 11! She  is become quite the young lady. This year she has been learning how to bake and she can now make bread, muffins, waffles and pancakes with the best of them! She is very service oriented and I can always count on her. Adopting her was one of the very best decisions we have ever made.

Baby Hyde is growing fast! I am 14 weeks and heading into the first trimester. I did the nuchal translucency screen to test for down syndrome and trisomy 18. It was so fun to see the little sweetie on the ultrasound He/She already looks like a baby! And the test results were good and the odds for downs came back 1/10,000 and for T18 1/8900. Those are amazing odds and I am so relieved!

Here is Baby’s very first picture!

Last week Finneas turned 7 and Sullivan turned 14! Finneas is quite the talented ballet dancer. He takes ballet twice a week and is going to be in the Nutcracker this year with Rani and Oliver. Sullivan was ordained a teacher today. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming. He is so nurturing and loving with the little girls and he is such a good person in every way. I’ d love to show you a picture of them at their birthday party but I apparently photographed the entire thing with no card in the camera! 🙁 *sigh But I do have a family picture from the Mastering Knighthood ball that we took last Saturday! 🙂


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