Let There Be Heat!- House Project Day 2

Getting the natural gas turned on at our house over the last few weeks has been an effort in futility. Last week when the snow storm hit we seriously panicked knowing that both the gas and electricity had been turned off and we were so worried that a pipe was going to burst! Dave was able to turn the taps on a bit so that the water was moving at least AND we were able to have the electricity turned back on with no problems but the gas was another story! They absolutely would not turn on the gas until our names were on the title. We faxed that to them yesterday but it’s $100 for same day service! Eeek no thank you! So last night we worked in the cold with no hot water and no way to warm up. NO FUN. What a relief when we showed up at 9am to the house and discovered the gas was finally ON! We cranked up the heater and turned on the gas fireplace and blower and we were toasty warm today! The only freaky thing is that the warm air woke up the zombie bugs! Flies, hornets, spiders and boxelder bugs that we thought were months dead miraculously came to life and began divebombing our heads! Seriously folks, FREAKY with a capital F!

The first part of today was spent helping the previous owner move her things onto a moving truck. She had moved everything to the garage and hired movers to get it but she still needed help sorting through things and getting them moved around a bit so the movers could get them on the truck. She was very generous leaving us a nice couch set, a wingback chair and lots of yard equipment like a mower, shovels, fertilizer weed killer etc. We were very grateful to have those things! I wish her lots of luck in her new home!

The afternoon was spent removing even more plaster from the walls, removing nails and puttying holes and washing walls. We got almost all of it done. Some of the plaster is really difficult to remove and we are going to have to try sanding it. 🙁 I don’t think we will be able to get it 100% flat but at least it won’t look halfway finished.

The ceilings, even upstairs are sooo tall! I can’t reach them even on a chair. I have no idea how I will do the cutting in on painting day! Wow. I will have to go on the ladder and as you can see from the picture below that is none too graceful with a big belly in the way!

I have to apologize for the awful pictures! I keep forgetting my camera! I will try to remember tomorrow.

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