Happy Thanksgiving! -House Project Day 3

We have so much to be grateful for this year! We have a new baby coming in the spring. We have had a place to live for the last 18 months that made it possible for us to sell our home and purchase a larger one at a time where interest rates are at an all time low. We are all happy and healthy and doing well. How could we not be grateful! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Everything was absolutely delicious and Dave’s sweet mother even made all the pies dairy and sugar free and they were delicious!! I also love how Grammie let’s the little girls “cook”. The little one’s feel so special! Rani is getting so good at making rolls! The rolls today were delicious!

After dinner we went to the house to do a few things. The boys unloaded some of our things from the trailer. We are having a hard time finding tools we need to fix things because they are still packed away! After that Dave started removing the light fixtures and masking the windows in preparation for painting the ceilings. I still can’t believe how tall the ceilings are! It’s crazy! It’s going to be so nice once they are painted but the painting ahead seems so overwhelming. I also took “before” pictures of all the rooms. I should have done this before we started the texture removal or stripped the master bedroom door but I didn’t remember to bring my camera. You will have to wait a while to see those pictures! 😉

So far we have made some great purchases for the house. Last week we got a brand new set of french doors for $250 on ksl! Then we were able to get a good deal on paint but we had to buy 26 gallons! Shew that was pricey! No one better complain about my paint colors because they are set in stone now. 😉 Today we actually made two more purchases! We bought a brand new 36 inch door and door jam for the master bedroom for $45 off KSL! AND tonight we picked up the neatest dining table and real cow hide chairs (sorry veggie friends!) that is HUGE! With both leaves it is 12 ft long. LOL We are going to use it with one leaf but in the future it will be great for thanksgiving with our big family and the grandkids. Now I need more antique chairs!

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