An Effort in Futility- House Project Day 5

Ever since we got our house I have been having trouble sleeping. I go to sleep just fine but sometime between 4 and 5:30 I wake up and my mind is going a million miles a minute. I can’t stop thinking about all the things that we are planning to do that day which leads to all the things that still need to be done which leads to thinking about how we have no furniture and how can we find some cute stuff and then to decorating ideas. Goodness! Around and around she goes until my head is spinning! This morning it was curtain fabric. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. When I finally got out of bed and checked my email I saw that Joann’s was having a 50% off any one item sale! I took it as a sign. I MUST go to the fabric store. Of course it took forever to get out the door and I had to run to Ikea first. By the time I got to Joann’s it was already 11am and a MADHOUSE! Who knew! It took me close to an hour to find a fabric I liked (this one and when I finally did, I realized that you had to take a number at the cutting table (I should have done that before looking at the fabric! again…who knew?) My number was J76 and at the time they were on J19. I then realized that the line to get out the door was all round the store! I then realized I would be spending at least 2 more hours there for fabric I wasn’t completely in love with! At that point I let the gal who was trying to sweettalk me out of my fabric have it and I decided to throw in the towel. My pregnant hormones almost got the best of me and I felt like I was going to cry. What a waste of a day!

It was past 1pm when I finally arrived at the house. Dave had been shopping too (home depot) and so nothing much had been started. My sister, her hubby Chris and their three kids were there and we got started painting the small upper bedroom, fixing the spots the kids had missed and cutting in. I usually like to do all the cutting in myself but after a corner of failure I realized I just can’t reach the top of the wall well enough to do a good job! Reluctantly I gave over the task to the men and Dave and Chris did a much better job than I was doing myself! I didn’t take any pictures because I was only there an hour before I had to change and head over to meet with the Johnson family who was having and exciting weekend of baby blessing and thanksgiving celebrating! I did a family picture of their 21 members an then ran to get my girls for the Santa and the Lights night! It was so fun and the kids got a free picture with Santa, free cookies and free hot chocolate! It was freezing but the kids are already talking about decorating up a dune buggy with lights to ride in the tractor parade next year!

Dave is over at the house right now though painting away. He has much more effort in him than I do! He says he plans to stay til midnight or 1am. Oliver is with him. He sure loves this home stuff! I wish he would get as excited about piano practice or schoolwork!

And why, you may ask is this little girl so sad? Well of course she’s sad because Santa said he would give her a dolly and he didn’t! She kept saying “I want a doll!!!” over and over again. I guess Mommy didn’t do a very good job explaining about visiting Santa! Silly Mommy. Yes she threw a tantrum for a good two minutes and refused to leave his workshop. Oh my goodness. Sometimes these girls give me a run for my money!

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