Doors! House Project Day 7

Today we were able to use the awesome gift our realtor, Marty McKay gave us as a closing gift! He gave us 8 hours of handyman service. Shane was fabulous! We had bought the wrong depth french doors. Our wall is 6″ thick and the door only 4″. He was still able to install them and make it work. We will just need to add some extra moulding up front to fill in the gap. In the first pic which is “BEFORE” you can see the gap between the door that was letting in cold air! The second picture is the new door but I didn’t get a chance to photograph it until Dave had already started masking it to paint the ceilings. We got the new door on KSL for $250!

The second door that our awesome handyman installed was my master bedroom door! It’s a gorgeous 36″ santa fe style door that we got for $45 on KSL!  Gotta love KSL!!! In the afternoon some friends from our West Jordan ward, Ruth Barrett and Jane Wade stopped by to help and we got all the upstairs trim masked and ready for paint (thank you!!!) In the evening my mom and brother A.J. came to help us paint the trim (thank you!!!) I spent the whole night painting two doors. That big master bedroom door took forever to paint but it turned out so pretty! I love it so much. It is really making my room feel pretty finally!

While Mom, AJ, Rani and I were up painting trim and doors, Dave was down on the main level masking off the entry and living rooms to get them ready for ceiling paint. I love how fast spraying the ceilings has been. I so wish we could afford to spray the walls but it just takes too much paint!

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