Moving In!- House Project Days 12-14

Sorry for the late blog post! I have been a little busy moving in and I haven’t been able to get back to Dianne’s to get on the computer. Hopefully we will get comcast switched and the computer moved soon so that isn’t a problem anymore!

Saturday morning was spent painting furiously! Our goal was to move in Saturday night but really we needed to have the family room and main floor bedroom finished with paint in order to do so. Luckily our amazing friends the Robinsons stopped by to help again! They have 8 kids so that big crew threw paint on the walls very quickly! They were only there for a couple of hours but they managed to paint the family room, bedroom and part of the kitchen before they had to go! As they were leaving, my mother, my sister and her hubby stopped by to help. Together we worked on the kitchen paint and BIL Chris handled the tricky areas over the cabinets! He did an amazing job and before he left, was able to finish almost all of the cutting in which has been an up and down the ladder job for me. They also got started on the entry way with the CORRECT paint color! YAY and they were able to finish most of that. Thank you everyone for your help! You are amazing!!!!

So Saturday night we moved in our beds, cereal and milk and church clothes! LOL We slept a bit uneasily due to the rattling wind but we slept in our new house! The next morning we got up bright and early to go to our new ward. We felt very welcome and I found myself tearing up a bit because it really felt like home there. The gals are so sweet and I am so excited to get to know everyone better. I even went to ward choir practice, a job I have been avoiding for 5 years blush, and enjoyed it! Rani came along and I dragged Xander along as well. We perform on the 23rd. It’s going to be lovely!

After church we headed home for a bit and Dave put up a few light fixtures while I crashed out for a nap. Later a lovely family stopped by to greet us and bring us some yummy treats! I went against my better judgement and went ahead and had one. It was delicious but boy did I pay for it later. I just can’t seem to tolerate sugar anymore at all.

That evening we went back to Dianne’s for a yummy dinner and then packed up all of our clean clothes. The dirties will have to wait for another day!

Monday was busy busy busy with ballet classes for Rani and Finn and Nutcracker Tech rehearsal for Rani, Ollie and Finn. I didn’t get much done around the house but getting the kitchen cleaned up but Dave, with the help of John Adderley, got busy unloading the trailer. When I got home there were boxes everywhere and I had a little panic attack. Oh my I didn’t miss all of our accumulated stuff! I was wishing I could throw it all in the dumptruck and forget about it! Dave saw my distress and put the rest of the boxes in his precious garage. I was grateful because I’m not even done with the painting yet!

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