December House Projects

Wow I’m so sorry I dropped the ball on the blogging. I really meant to keep up but as it turned out, we ended up not having internet for a while. Comcast doesn’t service my house and I had to choose another provider. It’s still strange having no TV but netflix but we are surviving. Here are few of the home projects we did the week we moved in.

New Kitchen Faucet

Then Oliver (10yo boy) decided to put the pulls on the cabinets. He was doing a great job. But then he noticed that a hinge was missing some screws and he decided to fix that too. He did a great job! The only problem was that the screws were too long! You should have seen Daddy’s face when he saw that! Oh he was sad. But he couldn’t be mad because Ollie really had done a great job.

And then the kids and I painted the dining room. We used an even darker shade of grey and I love how it turned out!





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