Hospital Vacation

Those of you who really know me know that I am NOT a hospital person. In fact one of the motivating factors for having my two homebirths was avoiding the hospital stay after the birth. I have had less than stellar hospital experiences. After Eloise’s birth, I had to ask for my medications over and over and I was often in a lot of pain because the nurses just didn’t stay on top of it. That and she had to be under the bili lights and no one showed me how to use the eye patches so I was up all night holding them on her eyes! And to top it off the nurse who thought a surgical lamp would help speed up the process and burned my brand new girl’s belly!

To say I was NOT looking forward to the stay would be an understatement. But I just have to say that I LOVED it! The nurses at IMC were amazing! They checked on me, asked if I needed anything, brought me juice and snacks often and NEVER ONCE MISSED MY MEDICATION time! That was huge for me. I had very little to no pain and I was able to bond with my baby and get some sleep and enjoy my solitude. It. Was. Awesome! I really could have stayed there another week! And to top it off, all of the nurses signed a thank you card which I received in the mail yesterday. I feel almost guilty. It should be the other way around! To all the IMC nurses who treated me like a VIP, YOU ROCK! Thank you! 😀

Here are a few pics from our hospital vaca!

April 9, 2013 - 2:37 pm Vanessa Shannon - I had all 3 of my kids at St. Marks and every single birth was like this for...thank heavens. I LOVED my hospital stays and my nurses too! I know what you mean about it being the other way around. I am glad that you had such a pleasant experience this go round :)

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