Exciting things are happening!

As 2009 quickly approaches I am getting really excited about the changes that are coming to my business and to my blog! Here are a few things to watch for in the coming months.

*This blog and my photography blog will be separating. This blog will return to it’s happy homeschooling/personal bloggy self and I will have a separate blog for my photography and business info. 🙂

*My website www.modernexpressionsphoto.com will be getting a revamping including all new pricing/collections for our grand reopening in 2009!

*I will be unveiling my all new wedding photography site as well as offering some awesome discounts for 2009 wedding photography, so if you know someone tying the knot, please pass it along.

Stay tuned!

December 28, 2008 - 5:24 pm Michelle - Hi! I recognized your boys' names from Ichild...along with Rani. I haven't been on Ichild for quite some time and was excited to come across your blog. Congratulations on your newest little one! We have had two more birth children since adopting from India. I always hoped we be able to go back, but now we can't since our family is so large. Maybe from another country. Our Abby (from India) will be 7 in April. She will be so excited when I show her photos of Rani and tell her that she's homeschooled too! Blessings, Michelle in MN

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