Thankful for Sickness

Today I was reading on Ginger’s blog and came across this poem

With rosy cheek and droopy eye
She hears her mamma’s lullaby.
And snuggled safe to Mamma’s chest
She breaths;
She sighs;
At last she rests.

For some reason all the emotion I have been holding in all week just came spilling out of my eyes. It’s hard not to complain when you have had day after day of a sick feverish baby trying to become a permanent appendage to your body. I love her dearly, but it has really worn me out. Reading this poem made me realize that this week has been a blessing in disguise. Sickness can definitely be a time for stopping the business of life and taking a break and just enjoying each other. Most of the days this week have been spent hugging and loving on my sweet sickie. I am grateful for this time. I know next week she’ll be off happy and crawling away from me again.

So I will not let the fact that four of my six children are very sick get me down. I will rub my 3yos back while he is tossing cookies. I will give my 7yo her breathing treatments and antibiotics for her bronchitis. I will hug my 10yo and give him cough syrup and advil for his bad cold and I will continue to love on my sweet 10 month old who’s fever has finally come down to a manageable 99 after being at 102-105 for five days.


March 20, 2009 - 11:13 am Lorri - Awww...she doesn't look like she feels good at all. Poor little girl! I'm sorry your kids are sick. I know how awful and exhausting it can be. Sending you good health vibes!!!

March 20, 2009 - 7:03 pm Ginger - O, Tammi! I am so glad my poem helped you, too. I wrote that about my baby when she was sick and I was realizing that I could look at it as a problem or an opportunity for something good. I am glad that your baby is on the mend. Hang in there!

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