I have something to SAY!

This blog, for so long, has just been a long boring journal of my life and goings on. It’s fun to go back over time and see what changes in my life. But has my blog helped anyone? I don’t think so. I have decided that I have something to say! I would really like to talk about things that mean something. So I have joined the group of bloggers on Crazibeautiful!!! I am so excited. Please check out my first post and make a comment. I want to know what subjects my readers would like me to address.

Today’s Modern Mother on Crazibeautiful.com

August 28, 2009 - 3:28 am hildur hyde - YES! your blog has helped me in many ways, including keeping in touch when we go so long without visiting. your photos make me cry (in a good way) but also make me miss my in-laws like crazy. please don't ever stop blogging.

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