2013 Starz Unlimited Dance Recital

Just a few images from the recital this year! It was truly magical! So proud of my kiddos!!!

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Ruby’s Meme

I had a contest on my photography page for the perfect meme caption for this hilarious photo. Brenda Shimoda came up with the best one and she won a free mini session! Super cute idea.


Virginia Turns FIVE!

Happy birthday to my little elf! You are so sweet and wonderful. You have changed me and made my life more magical. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are! Happy fifth birthday Virginia!!!


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6 weeks old!

My little beauty is 6 weeks old! She’s no longer a newborn and as always that makes me a bit teary. I adore her and I love how expressive she’s becoming.


Nationals 2013!

Rani’s team took high score and overall studio trophies and Rani won 5th place over all the competitions and eared a superstar trophy! So proud of my girl!


nationals2 nationals1

Rani’s first pointe shoes

Rani was so excited earlier this year when her ballet teacher gave her the letter that said she was ready for pointe shoes! She’s only been working at the barre with them and only for a couple of months so this photo session was really hard since she has a hard time staying balanced on her boxes! These turned out so beautifully. We had Brekke Felt of Studio 15 Portraits do these and we are so happy with them!

HydeDance-2348 HydeDance-2356 HydeDance-2374 HydeDance-2409 HydeDance-2413 HydeDance-2415 HydeDance-2427 HydeDance-2441

Dance Picture Day 2013

I love being the photographer for our dance studio! Here’s some of my favorites of my kids in their costumes this year.


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Ruby’s 1 month photoshoot! Isn’t she gorgeous???

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Four Weeks Old

Ruby is four weeks old tomorrow and all of a sudden she’s lost her chubby cheeks! She has become so much more expressive and she’s so sweet. I am so happy she doesn’t have bad acne like my other kids. Look at her pretty skin!


4wks01 4wks02 4wks03 4wks04 4wks05 4wks06

First Big Outing- Gateway Children’s Museum.

We took Ruby out for her first big outing today. We went to the Gateway Children’s Museum. The girls had a blast there! First a princess birthday party for their friend, E, and then playtime in all the fun areas! I wish we had a place like this closer to our house. I was filled with joy watching my girls play so hard and I realized it has been so long since we have done anything like this with them!


gateway1 gateway2 gateway3 gateway4 gateway5 gateway6 gateway7 gateway8 gateway9 gateway10 gateway11

3 weeks old!

It finally warmed up a little bit. Not much so I had to be quick with this but I really wanted an outdoor photo.

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Ruby’s 2 week appointment

Ruby had her 2 week appointment today. She is 9lbs 1.5 oz! She has already regained her birth weight of 9lbs! Here she is with our awesome pediatrician, Julie Gustin.


Ruby’s Fourth Photoshoot- My favorite!

Oh my goodness she is so sweet! Here she is, only six days old!


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A Visit from Grandpa!

My girlies love visiting with Grandpa Gull. How sweet that he came last weekend to see us! Thank you Dad!


Ruby’s 3rd Photoshoot- Wide Awake

I was really trying to get some good awake shots but Ruby didn’t want to cooperate! Still I love her beautiful eyes! She’s so precious! 5 days old.


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